The easiest way to to subscribe to your favorite podcast is on your smart phone



All of these apps work basically the same way.  You have to ability to add, search, and subscribe to new podcasts.  After you subscribe, new episodes are automatically delivered to your phone... MAGIC!

iPhone users

  • Overcast is widely considered the best podcast app for your iPhone.  The app is FREE, but some features are locked.  You can "Unlock Everything" for $4.99
  • Our favorite totally free podcast app for iPhone is the native (already installed on your phone) Apple Podcast app.  Click here to learn how to use this app.
  • If you are willing to pay just a couple bucks for a better podcast experience, we highly recommend DOWNCAST for $2.99. Also, Pocket Casts is available for $3.99.

Android users


If you don't have a smart phone, or would just prefer listening to our podcast through your PC, I'd like to direct you towards The SloopCast Media Player... CLICK HERE!